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A dream come true was Tihiora 2021. After a random conversation that started with " know what would be awesome....".

Tihiora was achieved because we knew we had to broaden the thinking of ourselves - our workforce and our communities - around what could be possible if we truly were to re-design our entire health system into a wellness system. Tihiora was a conversation to start to dream, plan, consider and even debate what a Ruapehu Wellness Centre could look like and achieve.

We hope to continue many more similar conversations for our community, for others and along the entire journey of a centre. It should and will evolve with the population it serves over time and as such we will need to continue to have collective conversations and debates as to what is next, what should be next, how do we continue to improve our care model together.

Tihiora Wellness Summit 2021: Past Retreats
Tihiora Wellness Summit 2021: Pro Gallery
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